Top 3 Favourite Wedding Venues in Europe [PHOTOS]

Wedding venues in Europe are abundant! With so much history and beauty, there’s no shortage of incredible spots to tie the knot. 

And it’s really no surprise, is it? After all, Europe is one of the most romantic places on earth! Unbelievable architecture, cobblestone streets, dreamy canals, cozy coffee shops, charming outdoor picnics in a garden (complete with wine)…these are the types of visuals that come to mind when thinking about Europe. Everywhere you look is a perfect backdrop, and as a wedding photographer in Europe, I’m living the dream!

That being said, having lots of options has its downsides. Namely, how do you choose?

Here are a few of my all-time favourite wedding venues in Europe, which will hopefully inspire you and help you find a setting that makes your and your partner’s heart happy.

Domaine La Fauconnie Wedding Venue in South France

Domaine La Fauconnie is an amazing mansion in France, near Bordeaux. This property is absolutely bursting with charm (just like me ?!). The orangery, inspired by the Eiffel Tour, is a gorgeous glass-walled building and the perfect place to dance the night away.

There’s also a lovely space for outdoor ceremonies, complete with a heated pool and rotunda. The property is green and tranquille and offers the ultimate privacy since it’s exclusively yours on your special day.

The vine-covered mansion can accommodate up to 25 people, so your closest family and friends can celebrate together all weekend. For the rest of the festivities, this French wedding venue can host up to 200 people

Domaine La Fauconnie is one of my favourite wedding venues in Europe because it’s both versatile and stunning. Having both indoor and outdoor options as well as accommodations is extremely convenient, and since every square inch of the property is immaculate, you really can’t go wrong!

A beautiful mansion covered in vines at Domaine La Fauconnie wedding venue in South France.
Domaine La Fauconnie mansion in France, one of the most popular wedding venues in Europe.
Guests gather for a wedding at Domaine La Fauconnie in South France, Europe, as Magic Wedding Photographer captures photos.
The courtyard of a beautiful wedding venue in Europe called Domaine La Fauconnie in France.
An outdoor pool with a beautiful view at a popular European wedding venue Domaine La Fauconnie.
An outdoor pool surrounded by beautiful nature in France at Domaine La Fauconnie, photo captured by Magic Wedding Photographer in Europe.
A bride and groom sit on the stairs between the outdoor pool and mansion at Domaine La Fauconnie, a wedding venue in France, as Magic Wedding Photographer takes their photo.
A gorgeous wedding reception set up in the Orangerie at Domaine La Fauconnie in France, one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Europe.
Guests celebrate in the Orangerie at Domaine La Fauconnie in France at night at a wedding reception.

Borgo Di Castelvecchio Wedding Venue in Tuscany, Italy

Who doesn’t love the idea of getting married in breathtaking Tuscany? I mean seriously, the whole region is like a scene from a fairytale, and Borgo Di Castelvecchio in Val d’Orcia fits the same description.

The Borgo is a village from medieval times, rich with history and charm. From the Italian-style gardens, to the impressive Villa, to the quaint restored farmhouses, this wedding venue in Italy is truly unforgettable.

There are multiple spaces where couples and their loved ones can celebrate, including an outdoor area with a panoramic pool and stunning views, the Granary, decorated gazebos, and even a small church. Plus, there are 32 rooms on the property to accommodate overnight guests.

I absolutely love the atmosphere of this Tuscan venue. It’s truly a special place and definitely one of my top wedding venues in Europe.

A beautiful view of Tuscany from Borgo Di Castelvecchio wedding venue.
Borgo Di Castelvecchio in Tuscany, Italy, a popular wedding venue in Europe.
A bride and groom being married at a popular wedding venue in Italy, Borgo Di Castelvecchio, while Magic Wedding Photographer captures the moment.
Wedding guests and a bride and groom gather in one of the best outdoor wedding venues in Europe, Borgo Di Castelvecchio.
A sign reads 'Welcome Alexa e Brian' at a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony in Tuscan.
Beautiful lights hang from trees as evening falls upon a wedding celebration at Borgo Di Castelvecchio, one of the most popular wedding venues in Europe.
An outdoor wedding reception under decorated gazebos at Borgo Di Castelvecchio in Tuscany, Italy.

Idno Theatre Wedding Venue in Iceland

Okay, this place is next level and definitely one of the best wedding venues in Europe. Iceland is an extremely cool country, and an awesome place to say, “I do”. That being said, the weather and terrain can be a little…well, rough. 

This wedding venue in Europe is perfect for couples who love the idea of an Iceland wedding, but aren’t into the idea of having their family members hanging out in the unforgiving conditions outdoors while exchanging their nuptials.

The Idno Theatre is an event and creative space in the centre of Reykjavík. The property showcases incredible Scandinavian architecture with blends historic and modern touches in such an elegant and interesting way. There are two spaces for couples to choose from—the Grand Hall seats up to 120 guests and can host up to 300 guests at the reception, and the second floor, which has a stunning view and seats up to 60 guests and can host up to 100 guests in reception. 

If you do plan on getting married in Iceland, I recommend booking your wedding photographer for two days so that you can get some incredible outdoor adventure photos, too!

The streets of Reykjavik, Iceland, outside of Idno Theatre.
Interesting buildings in Reykjavik, Iceland, captured by Magic Wedding Photographer in Europe.
A bride approaches her soon-to-be husband for a first look at a beautiful wedding in Reykjavik, Iceland.
A couple being married in front of their loved ones at one of the most unique wedding venues in Europe, Idno Theatre, in Reykjavik, Iceland.
A newlywed bride and groom walk hand-in-hand down a dirt path in beautiful Iceland for wedding photos with Magic Wedding Photographer in Europe.
The inside of the Idno Theatre in Reykjavik, Iceland lit up for a wedding reception.
Wedding guests celebrate at a wedding reception in Idno Theatre, one of the most popular wedding venues in Iceland.

I know that just looking at these gorgeous European wedding venues gets me excited. I hope that it gets you excited about your special day, too! If you’re still looking for the perfect venue, check out my blog—I’ve been around the block once or twice and have photographed a lot of couples at plenty of incredible venues all around the world!

Finding the perfect backdrop is one thing…deciding who will capture your wedding day in a way that speaks to you is another! If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Europe and you like my work, let’s get in touch! I’d love to get to know you better and see if we’d be a great fit.